Spring Ball

Message by Mr. Kiril Domuschiev, Chairman of the Board of KRIB

Message by Mr. Kiril Domuschiev, Chairman of the Board of KRIB

Dear members of KRIB,

Allow me at the outset to explain how proud I am of the fact that KRIB, the greatest and most influential organization of employers and industrialists, opted the priority to promote the production of high quality and innovative goods and services in Bulgaria. It was about time to embark the road to innovation and quality that renders us competitive and ultimately brings about economic growth.

It was for this reason that we established the annual awards: "KRIB – Quality, Growth and Innovation from Bulgaria". They will be accredited for the first time during the Spring Ball of the employers and the industrialists. It is precisely this type of Bulgarian produce which should be encouraged – a produce of quality that is guiding us to growth and innovation.

What is of particular importance is that, by participating in the Spring Ball, each and every of you will support the fundamentally new liason between education and business which we lay down by the establishment of Academia Economica. We are confident that it will be a success. Success, because the formula is clear and it works – the Academia will provide scholarships for university students, coming from high schools partnering with KRIB for internships in companies who are members of KRIB.

I am much obliged to you for supporting precisely those young people who can really bring about new quality of education, business and new living standards in Bulgaria.