Bulmarket DM OOD, a member of KRIB Ruse tests its employees for Covid-19 at its own expense

Bulmarket DM OOD, which is a leader in rail transportation and the production of biofuels, has gas stations and a port with a liquefied gas terminal, sets an example of good business practice. The company has provided at its own expense PCR and rapid blood tests, with which its employees can be tested at their workplace.

The deputy director of the company, Svetoslav Parvanov, said to BNR that the cost of the tests is incommensurable with the cost of human life.

He pointed out that the employees are not obliged to be tested and specified that the initial plan was to test about 30% of the company's workforce: "We found that the willingness of the employees exceeded our expectations."

"Shortly after March 13th, when the state of emergency was declared, we followed absolutely all the instructions we received from the health authorities. We have equipped our offices with disinfectants, masks for employees, disposable gloves, thermometers for remote temperature measurement. Disinfection was carried out repeatedly during the day, and so for more than a month we could not feel whether these measures played any role or helped. There was also tension among the employees, and this led us to look for a solution in which to establish the health status of the large teams and thus reach the realization of the idea to call it mass testing," Parvanov also pointed out.

Where does the testing take place?

"In the central office of the company, we have a medical office that is used by the occupational medicine service, in the usual daily practice at the moment it was adapted to a laboratory and the laboratory technicians from the diagnostic laboratory visit us every working day", Parvanov explained.

According to him, so far there has been no positive result among those examined.