KRIB Ruse donated isolation stretchers to "Nadezhda" Medical Center and Sofia Medical Center

The local structure of KRIB in Ruse donated isolation stretchers intended for transporting patients with potential respiratory-infectious diseases to MBAL "Nadezhda" and Sofia Medical Academy.

The stretchers are made by the company "Belsystems" OOD - Byala, which is a member of KRIB Ruse. Belsystems Ltd. specializes in the production of synthetic tarpaulin and PVC film products, including inflatable products, covers, windproof and industrial curtains, ventilation sleeves. 17 people work in the company. In 2019, they produced products with a total area of ​​over 80 square meters. The production workshop of the company is located in the city of Byala, Ruse region and was put into operation in 000.

The specialized stretcher is equipped with a replaceable HEPA filter through which passive ventilation takes place. Access to the patient is ensured through replaceable gloves built into the product. In this way, the contamination of the equipment in the ambulances and the spread of infection in the medical facility are prevented, which ensures the health of the medical staff and patients, as well as the smooth functioning of the hospital.

Mrs. Milka Trifonova, chairperson of KRIB Ruse, expressed her belief that any help is welcome at this moment, if with it at least a little we can ease the work of the specialists who are on the front line in taking care of our health.