KRIB is starting a large-scale project to adapt companies and their employees to the green transition and digital transformation

The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB) in partnership with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (KNSB) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MTSP) are starting a project to develop and implement programs, tools and models for the adaptation of enterprises and employees to the changes related to the transition to a "green" and circular economy and digitalization in the development of human resources and the labor market, as well as to predict the needs of new skills and to implement lifelong learning strategies.

Project BG05SFPR002-1.005-0003 "Social partnership and human resources of the double transition" with beneficiary KRIB is financed within the procedure "Social partnership" under the program "Development of human resources" 2021-2027, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

"Effective use of resources and the transition to a green and circular economy are key to strengthening the competitiveness of the economy, creating conditions for growth and opening new jobs," said KRIB Executive Director Evgeniy Ivanov, project manager. "It is for this reason that the project is aimed at developing and introducing models and practices derived or tested from real business to overcome various challenges and adapt the workforce to the changing requirements for skills and competencies", added Evgeniy Ivanov.

Nikolay Naydenov, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, pointed out that the current project of KRIB sets ambitious tasks that are related to the processes of adaptation of employers and workers to changes. "For the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, it is extremely important to implement all processes together with the social partners, employers and all interested parties, so that the transition can be smooth both for the workers and for the enterprises in Bulgaria", stressed the deputy. - Minister Naydenov.

"For KNSB KRIB is the most serious partner among employers, and this has been proven over time and in the successful implementation of joint projects," emphasized the president of KNSB Plamen Dimitrov. "The sectors included in the project are one of the most affected by the green transition. This is particularly important for the mining industry, as conditions must be quickly created for the reassignment of workers in the affected enterprises," emphasized the president of the National Board of Trade and Industry, Plamen Dimitrov.

"The planned activities are aimed at enterprises and employed persons from 14 administrative regions of the country and at 5 main sectors: construction, security, clothing and textiles, automotive sector and mining industry", explained Galya Petrova, coordinator of the project. "In the construction sector, we work with the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria (KSB), in the security sector - with the National Association of Commercial Security and Security Companies (NAFTSO), in the clothing and textile sector - with the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Clothing and textiles (BAPIOT), in the automotive sector - with Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, in the extractive industry sector - with the Bulgarian Mining and Geological Chamber. The successful implementation of the project activities will make a significant contribution to the support of enterprises and employed persons in the "dual" transition and will create conditions for the implementation of lifelong learning strategies at the corporate, sectoral, branch and regional level. We will support companies and employees in overcoming changes in the labor market and dealing with new challenges arising from globalization, the digital revolution, the transition to climate neutrality, changing work patterns and the social and demographic situation, and last but not least we aim to build the administrative capacity of branch and regional structures of KRIB, as well as to work actively for the development of tripartite and bilateral social dialogue. According to the project, campaigns will be implemented at the regional level to distinguish enterprises with good practices in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)", Galya Petrova pointed out.

"The project is part of a separate axis of the operational program, the overall budget of which is BGN 52 million. The goal of all the projects included in it is to prepare Bulgarian companies for the green transition and digitalization. All Bulgarian citizens of working age will also benefit from it, stressed Tsvetan Spasov, the head of the governing body of the "Human Resources Development" program.

"All the implemented projects of KRIB over the years have been successful and yield results, because they contain the component of sectoral and regional analysis and analysis of the labor market, which is very important," pointed out Stoyan Stavrev, member of the KRIB's Board of Directors and chairman of the "European Funds" committee and programs" of KRIB.

The project will be implemented until the end of 2027. The project budget is BGN 7,2 million.